What is Sustainabile Architecture?

Sustainable architecture, is the natural way of architecture, which human beings seem to have forgotten. Man is part of nature. Man adds to nature.

‘Sustainable’ is that which can sustain itself without harming its surroundings or depleting resources from the surroundings.

It is an interesting idea when you think about giving more to the ecosystem than what you take from it. But this is far from reality, because as of last year, 2019, the Earth OverShoot Day was on July 29.
Which means Mankind’s allowance of resources for that year was already used up in 7 months! With each passing year, we are depleting the natural resources faster than before.

• climatic responsive architecture taking into account sun-path, rainfall, temperature, humidity levels, etc.
• use of green spaces

• locally available
• reduced transportation
• least carbon emissions during manufacture

Building materials consume a large amount of resources and energy during their entire life cycle. This results in a variety of issues such as ecological degradation, harm to human health and global warming. Hence, an assessment and analysis of building materials is very important before starting the design and construction of buildings.

Mineral-based materials are highly carbon intensive and this can result in the production of huge amounts of greenhouse gases. If we use bio-based materials to build our cities, we can reverse this process and work with the environment instead of working against it.
In an urban scale, the type of materials used and the manner in which the cities are planned, can have a huge impact on the ecosystem. The green and blue systems of the space must be understood before deciding on what materials can be used and how the buildings should be designed.

Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rain water rather than allowing it to run off from the building flat surfaces. It helps in conserving groundwater. Black water is the output water from toilets. Grey water is the output water from other sources.

As architects, we are responsible for the damage caused to the Environment by the construction industry. Sustainable architecture is not a choice or an alternative way of architecture, but the only way forward.

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