My undergraduate thesis explores the reinterpretation of nature worship through man’s reasso-
ciation with sacred groves to revitalise the idea of co-existence with the natural biosphere. The
idea is to create a sacred space that celebrates this co-existence in the context of a degraded
environment which has been overused by decades of commercial farming.

The Kanikkars/Kanis have lost touch with their powerful traditional knowledge of ethnobotanical
healing using herbs from the forest, due to commercial companies patenting the chemical content
found in these plants. Also, there are government initiatives to clear the sacred forests to cultivate
commercial crops to help the ‘scheduled tribes’ earn a living as laborers for rubber tapping, etc.

This thesis looks at the use of native ethnomedicinal knowledge to create healing spaces, medicine-
making spaces as well as ethnobotanical and ecological learning spaces with ritual spaces for the
Kanis weaved by the sacred forest rich in biodiversity and medicinal flora, worshipped by the


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